About Us


Poker Traveller is a website dedicated to helping every poker player throughout the world. The site has been designed so that you, the players, are fully taken care of from the comfort of your home. We ensure that your hotel is booked, your buy-in secured and your seat at the table guaranteed. It's all part of the service.

The brand, Poker Traveller, is part of the Living it Loving it Ltd portfolio and is a real-life extension of the passion that drives the business to give poker players an incredible and easy means to play in the world's biggest and best tournaments. It has been created to bring together all of the worlds major tours in one location so that you, the players, can arrange your schedule with as little fuss as is required.

Living it Loving it Ltd is an entertainment and events management company based in the UK that works alongside each tour. The company is passionate about poker and has been providing solutions for the biggest players in the industry for the last seven years. It works closely with the WPT and WSOP, as well as smaller tours that are aiming to become more established. Its main ambition is to be the events management company of choice within the poker industry and at this moment is well on the way to achieving that. Poker Traveller, therefore, sits perfectly alongside the company's other projects.

Also, Living it Loving it Ltd is the only company in the UK to provide pre-registration for each of the tours listed. It is also the only company in the UK licensed to pre-register players for the World Series of Poker.

On the flipside, it also caters for amateurs players and is the company behind the UK pub league, Poker in the Pub and new venture Poker in the Home, a league for home games throughout the UK. This is part of its entertainment division that also includes off the shelf products for pubs, clubs and other venues throughout the UK.

The team at Living it Loving it Ltd bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to event planning and management and it is these factors, coupled with a drive and determination to be the best that ensures Living it Loving it Ltd can be the company of choice for every poker tour in the world.

So, if you're taking to the tables over the coming months, book your package through Poker Traveller then sit back and relax before embarking on an incredible poker journey.

You play it, we plan it!